Colour Energy Floral Water

Use as a mister or add to your shampoo, conditioner, liquid hand
soap, body wash, bath, room spray... the applications are endless.

Note: Some Floral Waters (Hydrosols) do not smell like their essential oil counterpart due to the lack of linalyl acetate in the water, but they still have the same therapeutic qualities.

Colour Energy Hydrosols...
A safe and effective way to use Aromatherapy!


During the different seasons floral waters are perfect to use as a rejuvenating body mist and to help boost your energy levels when your vitality is waning. Orange Blossom is a must-have during the winter months to recharge your spirits from the lack of sunshine. Or if you are holidaying somewhere hot... signs of heatstroke or sunburn, are soothed by lavender water, which is both comforting as well as healing. Make sure you use Peppermint floral water to refresh those aching day. The uses of floral waters are endless!

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